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Condition H (HELP)

At Covenant Children's Hospital, we strive to provide the best care and safest environment possible. In continuing our ongoing efforts of improvement and eliminating problems that affect the delivery of care, we are offering a program called Condition H.

What is Condition H?

  • Allows patients and families to call a Rapid Response Team during emergent situation or if their needs are not being recognized.
  • H stands for HELP
  • Patient safety initiative

Why was Condition H created?

  • To be proactive, increase patient safety and satisfaction.
  • To provide patients and families access to care
  • Ability to communicate their needs and concerns

When do I call?

  • If a noticeable medical change occurs in patient and healthcare team is not recognizing the concern.
  • If a breakdown in communication or confusion in the plan of care occurs.
  • If you feel your concerns are not being heard, recognized, or met.

What do I call?

  • Identify the problem and communicate with your primary nurse.
  • If problem persists, contact charge nurse and physician.
  • If the problem still persists and you still have concerns, activate Condition H.

How do I call?

  • Dial "50019" on hospital telephone and put on the call light.
  • Identify the call as Condition H. Provide your name, location, and reason for the response request.
  • A Rapid Response Team will respond to assess and treat as necessary.

We hope to empower patients and families to access care, decrease anxiety, and improve patient safety. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your healthcare team.

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