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How to Refer to Covenant Children's

We're here for you when your patients require specialty care. We recognize this is your patient and you have choices on where to send your patients for specialty care so we're constantly working to make the referral process as easy as possible, keeping you apprised of all care provided by Covenant Children's via loop-back.

If you ever have issues referring a patient or receiving loop-back communication, please contact our physician liaisons who will assist.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Transfer/Transport Center (for patients potentially requiring Ground or Air Transport): 1-806-725-KIDS

Main Hospital Line: 1-806-725-0000

Pediatric Surgery:

  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Surgery Dept: 806-743-7334
  • Covenant Medical Group Surgery Providers:806-725-0237

​NICU: 1-806-725-6475

PICU: 1-806-725-0019

For specialist needs, please see our Provider Quick Reference Guide.

​Insurance Information

Covenant Children's currently has established contracts with the following insurance providers.

Physician Liaisons

Our physician liaisons are here to help you. They can help identify specialty providers, troubleshoot around issues getting a patient into a specialist, and many other issues you may have. For contact info, please click here.