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Champions For Children - Chelsi

Covenant Children’s is our region's largest hospital, serving 1.2 million people in Lubbock and surrounding areas and is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. One being, it is where both of my babies were delivered and it is our family's trusted hospital. We have been so fortunate to receive amazing care from the very beginning and I am so grateful for the doctors and nurses who were with me throughout each pregnancy to delivery, postpartum recovery and beyond. Our experience with Covenant Health has been nothing short of wonderful, thorough and full of kindness and compassion.

As an infant and even into toddlerhood my oldest had breathing problems which required medical attention and a trip to the ER on a handful of occasions that ultimately resulted in a few nights stay in the Children's ward. During every stay, my questions were always answered by the nurses and verified and confirmed by my son’s doctor during his rounds in regard to what was happening and how it would be treated. I can attest that as a first time mom at the time, even in situations that felt scary, I knew we were in the best of hands and surrounded by the very best care, which at the time gave me such peace of mind in those moments. I’m so thankful that over the years and with the right treatment, my son's breathing issues are now under control and he is able to fully participate in all the sports and activities he loves most.

My daughter was delivered in February of 2019 also at Covenant Children’s and was a healthy 6 nearly 7 pound bundle of love. She has thankfully not had any traumatic experiences to date that have required a trip to the hospital, even in being the more adventurous child of the two. She is my climber and is curious about all that is around her, completely unafraid. My hope is that we won't ever need medical assistance, but I am confident in Covenant Children’s and the quality of care they have shown us over the years, even throughout their entire health system involving many family members and friends.

Covenant Children’s has played such a big role in our lives which is why I’m so excited to partner with and share Champions for Children coming this month! Starting April 14th through the 30th, select businesses in Lubbock will be participating in a special fundraiser geared toward raising money to support Covenant Children’s and upcoming projects to better serve the children within the community and those surrounding. Donations will be taken at locations provided below and any amount will make a difference. If you are out shopping at your local grocery store or having dinner at your favorite restaurant, be sure to observe the flyers on the kiosks and counters and ask about how you can help give back. Dollar by dollar we can build, advance technology and supply and ultimately improve to impact our community and create a healthier more sustainable life for our children! Thank you for your consideration in participating and remember, together we can be Champions for Children and we can make a difference.




Baked Bliss

Buffalo Wild Wings

Capitol Pizza

Chinese Kitchen

Dairy Queen

Giorgio’s Pizza


Keva Juice

Leal’s (Plainview)

Market Street

Mighty Wash

One Guy’s


PlayStreet Museum


Taco Villa

United Supermarkets


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Caption: Good morning friends! So excited to partner with Covenant Children’s today as a guest on their blog and to share an amazing upcoming event you can even participate in! Head to their blog and my stories for more info! 💕