Baby Safety Snaps

Covenant Children’s is proud to offer Baby Safety Snap lanyards to families – free of charge. The Baby Safety Snap lanyard is a low-tech visual reminder that you have a child in the backseat. Keep it in the car seat buckle when not in use. When you buckle your child in, unsnap the lanyard and put it around your neck. When you arrive at your destination the bright yellow will remind you to take your child with you. If you still forget, family, friends, or co-workers will be alerted you have a "Baby in Car" and will ask you why you’re wearing a lanyard that says “Baby in Car.”

Baby Safety Snap Request

To request a baby safety snap, please complete the form below. Please note that we currently are not able to ship snaps and they are only available for local pickup. There is a limit of two per household, or one hundred for primary care providers.

Pickup is available at the Covenant Children’s Hospital campus at 4000 24th Street, Lubbock, TX. You are free to park anywhere in the parking lot immediately outside the children’s hospital. Upon entering the main entrance, please proceed to the security desk and notify them you are picking up a Baby Safety Snap from Valerie Williams on the Administration Hallway.

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