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Access Patient Records

Epic CareLink

Provider support personnel (office staff, schedulers, and billers) may request access to PSJH patient health records through a platform called Epic CareLink. Epic CareLink is a secure, online, view-only portal that is easy to access, with no software or hardware to maintain. Epic CareLink will automatically grant office staff access to a physician’s patients based on the identified relationship between the patient and physician in Epic. Support staff can also search for patients whose relationships have not been established within the system. With Epic CareLink, the latest information about your patients’ treatment will be available.

Within the portal you will see the following and more, if available:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Orders
  • Notes
  • Medications
  • Allergies, Intolerances, and Isolation Status
  • Lab and Pathology results and reports
  • Imaging and CardiologyReports and Interfaced Images
  • Previous Admissions or Visits
  • Transcribed Reports or Notes
  • Nursing Assessments
  • Consultation Reports
  • Scanned Documents
  • Referrals
  • Insurance and Billing Information
  • In Basket Messaging

Surgical Groups can also place referrals for Radiology Surgery Schedulers and other office staff supporting surgeries can obtain additional access when onboarded to:

  • Pend Pre-Op Orders and Order Sets
  • Pend Pre-Op H&P
  • Mirror Preferences from Surgeon Order Sets
  • View the Surgeon’s Schedule and Patient List

To request Epic CareLink access, visit our website to submit an inquiry:

  1. Upon receipt your inquiry, the Epic CareLink Team will review and respond with documents your facility needs to sign and return.
  2. Upon receiving the complete documents, build for your group will begin.
  3. When build is complete, the primary contact for your group will be onboarded andreceive access within 1-14 days
  4. Once the access of your primary is complete, they will receive an access letter andinstructions on how to login and add more staff to the system.
  5. Training about Epic CareLink will be available directly within the Portal once access is granted:Training resources are available to caregivers with existing Providence access through on the Epic Learning Resources