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Andrew Robinson, MD

Andrew Robinson, MD

Primary Specialties
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Pediatric Cardiology
Medical Groups & Affiliations
  • Covenant Children's Hospital
  • Covenant Health Partners
  • Covenant Medical Group

4102 22nd Pl.
Lubbock, TX 79410
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Phone (806) 725-0779

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    4102 22nd Pl.
    Lubbock, TX 79410
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    (806) 725-0779

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    Physician Bio

    Dr. Andrew Robinson is a pediatric cardiologist at Covenant Women’s
    and Children’s. His clinical expertise is in interventional catheterization
    and the Intensive Care Unit. At the forefront of utilizing the hybrid
    procedures to deliver optimal care, Dr. Robinson specializes in catheter
    treatments for ASD, PFO (migraine/stroke), PDA, valvoplasty, hybrid palliation,
    endovascular stents, and hybrid treatments for congenital heart disease.

    Dr. Robinson formerly served as assistant professor of Pediatrics, medical
    director cardiac ICU, at the Division of Critical Care at Denver Children’s
    Hospital. He also served as an instructor of Pediatrics/Bugher Physician

    Scientist and Bugher Research Fellow in the Division of Cardiology at Denver
    Children’s Hospital. He received the American Heart Association
    Young Investigator Award.

    Dr. Robinson completed a Pediatric Cardiology fellowship at Children’s
    Hospital of Philadelphia, and gained additional training through a cardiac
    intensive care research fellowship there. He completed his residency in
    Pediatrics at the Boston Floating Hospital for Infants and Sick Children,
    New England Medical Center Boston. He is board certified by the American
    Board of Pediatrics and American Sub-board of Pediatric Cardiology.

  • Experience

    Other Certifications

    American Board of Pediatrics - 1998-2010
    American Board of Cardiology - 2000-2007