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Patient/Family-Centered Care

At Covenant Children's Hospital, we never forget that kids are kids first, patients second. And when they're sick or injured, children want their parents close at hand. To help them feel safe and supported, we use a family-centered treatment approach whenever possible.

Parents, and even siblings, are integrated into the caregiving team. We encourage families to be active participants and try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to stay involved every step of the way.

That means providing:

  • Special lounges where parents can relax
  • Playrooms where kids and parents can escape the hospital environment
  • Extra-large patient rooms
  • Room Service
    • Children get well faster when they get the calories and nutrients they need. Our room service dining program lets kids order meals and snacks when they are hungry, not just at fixed mealtimes. Registered dietitians design our menu full of kid-friendly, flavor-friendly choices.

We're also dedicated to respecting each family's values and customs, and the effects that can have on the types of treatment they feel comfortable receiving. To that end, we also empower families to make the best decisions for their child by giving parents all the information they need—including every available treatment option. We encourage families to take on active role in caring for their child.

Rely on Covenant Children's Hospital to provide the quality health care your children deserve right in your own neighborhood. When you're ready to get the region's best pediatric care for your child, use our online tools to find a physician or contact us for more information.

What you can expect with ROUNDS

Your child's medical team will conduct Patient and Family Centered ROUNDS with you and your child. Your child's physicians, residents, medical students, charge nurse, as well as other team members will come together to see your child.

We will discuss your child's story and care plan together. This active process allows for open

exchange of information and ideas amongst you and your child's health care providers. Rounding also ensures excellent teamwork from those who care for your child.

Teamwork with You & Your Child During our ROUNDS

  • You and your child are recognized as the focus of care.
  • All members of the team (doctors, nurses, therapists, and other staff) are actively involved with you and your child in care decisions.
  • We honor and respect your families' preferences and levels of involvement.
  • Mutual teaching is of great benefit to all members of the team.
  • Evidence-based medicine is used as a foundation for care decisions.
  • The process of care is made more safe, efficient, effective and timely.
  • We aim for you and your child to be more satisfied with care delivery.

Teen Advisory Group

The Teen Advisory Group (T.A.G.) at Covenant Children's collaborates with patients and their families to improve the health care experience at Covenant Children's. The council is comprised of teenagers who are currently in treatment, past patients, and teens from the community who have been involved with the hospital. T.A.G meets four times a year to discuss policies and procedures, and to work on patient-centered care projects.

Current projects of T.A.G.:

  • Designing a Teen Center at Covenant Children's
  • Obtaining a recording studio from the Ryan Seacrest Foundation

For more information or to participate in T.A.G., contact Katie Reed, 806.725.6992.

Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council is made up of 25 family members who have previously or currently have children hospitalized at Covenant Children's. The purpose of the council is to collaborate with on how we can make our hospital a better place. These members are involved in changing policies and procedures in the hospital to make it more patient- and family-centered care focused. The council meets on the last Thursday of every month. Some current projects of the council are: designing and helping with the family resource center, focusing on topics to improve patient experience such as visitation policies and M.R.I. times.

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